Penstock BV works as a sub-contractor to your main contractor, in a larger eco-system.

Penstock BV’s responsibility is to place the PU foam around the pipe, as instructed by the Construction Company, as specified in the Technical and Environmental Plans drawn up by the Civil Engineers.

Although the model may vary according to local conditions and the requirements of individual projects, the separation of roles and responsibilities remain quite standard. For example, it is possible that the Project Developer engages Multiconsult from Norway or the UK directly, or that the Project Developer itself is a civil engineering company.

Calculation Models

The underlying intellectual property, meaning the patents and commissioned academic work remains the property of Penstock BV, but the responsibility for technical calculation and the models used are the property of Multiconsult. This separation of responsibility is important: Multiconsult are chartered engineers that guarantee the correctness and accuracy of the engineering calculations, according to local conditions / regulations as provided by the Civil Engineers. As such, the Technical and Environmental Plans, which include detailed engineering specifications, are the legal responsibility of the chartered Civil Engineers.

Construction Operations

Technically, the Construction Company engages Penstock BV as a sub-contractor, to carry out foaming operations on-site.

In the field, this means that the Constructor must:

  • clear the pipeline path
  • excavate the trench
  • lay the pipe

At this point, the HydroFoamer team places the foam around the pipe, in both straight and bend sections.

A surveyor or Civil Engineer records the position of the pipe and compliance with the Technical Plans, in terms of foam depth, taking foam samples for quality purposes and recording precise pipe and joint position, where appropriate.

Once this is complete, the Constructor backfills the pipe and rehabilitates the pipeline path according to the Environmental Plans.

In practice, this requires careful planning and close cooperation in the field. Delivery, storage and provision of PU foam components is covered by strict legislation, with risk and liability insurance being clearly defined and stated in the Technical Plans. HydroFoamer is answerable to the Constructor for the quality of work, who in turn is answerable to the Project Developer and Civil Engineers.