This section outlines the broad applicability of the HydroFoamer.  Each project is different and there are very different requirements for each industrial sector.  Here we give you an idea of the main technical parameters.

The HydroFoamer applies a layer of rigid, closed-cell polyurethane foam to both straight and bend pipe sections.

The foam effectively glues sections of pipe together across joints, avoiding the need for restraining systems such as bolted flanges or welds.

In general, the HydroFoamer can work with all pipe types, but is particularly applicable to composite and polymer pipe types, such as GRP / FRP and HDPE, from 300mm to 2000mm, and up to 40 BAR. These limits are due to the reach of the HydroFoamer crane system and the general limits for unrestrained joint systems, such as those used in hydropower penstocks.