The use of the HydroFoamer method, replacing granular backfill with a thin layer of geotechnically engineered PU foam, allows massive untapped small-scale hydropower resources to be developed with minimal ecological and environmental impact.

Smallscale hydropower can produce hydrogen at around 48 kWH per KG. Hydrogen has around 3.2 times the energy density of gasoline, which produces 2.3 KG of CO2 per litre, meaning that developing the 15GW of potential hydropower in the Pacific Northwest can prevent more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 reaching the atmosphere annually.

The underlying technology is already proven: it’s been functioning perfectly in a commercial pilot for Statkraft since late 2016.

Our task now is to automate the process, using off-the-shelf hardware and proven Siemens Simotics robotics technology.

Penstock BV is looking for €10m of investment that will:

  • Build the robot in Q1 – 2024
  • Construct a small-scale hydropower project in Norway in Q3 & 4 – 2024
  • Industrialise the process and establish a small assembly plant in 2024
  • Position the company to exploit more than 2,000 licensed and licensable smallscale hydropower plants (< 10MW) in Norway and 15GW of unbuilt hydropower capacity in US Pacific Northwest alone, which are perfectly suited to production of millions of tonnes of green hydrogen annually through electrolysis.

We have the vision, the people, the patented technology, the project plan, the potential.

Do you have the funds?

Contact: Guy Harris CEO on +31 639048200 or