HydroFoamer started life as a project in Norwegian hydropower in 2014, based on a cost reduction initiative, when HydroFoamer’s founder and patent author was working as Director of Quality at Odelskraft AS in Norway.

The idea was patented by Guy Harris in 2014 and then implemented in a full-scale commercial project for Statkraft in 2016, after rigorous academic analysis and published research by NTNU (Trondheim Technical University in Norway). The Adamselv project was a huge technical success, proving that the PU foam backfill method was suitable for both straight and bend sections of buried pipe.

Penstock BV is an SPV with responsibility for designing and constructing the automated spray platform that replaces the manual spray methods used in the initial R&D and pilot phases.

The HydroFoamer is currently through detailed engineering and is ready for construction. The platform will be available for operations in late 2024.